36 Hours. No Money. Where will you go?

Jailbreak is a 36 hours sponsored hitchhike taking place on the 8th April 2017. Whether it be hitchhiking at service stations to getting sponsored flights, the possibilities of your Jailbreak adventure are endless! Last year our winning team reached Paris, the year before that the winning team reached Hungary. Teams from across the country have been as far as Singapore, Africa and America!

How does it work? On the 8th of April teams will set off in groups of two or three and where you go from there is completely up to you! You are completely independent in your route, destination and how you get there! Past teams have raised funds along the way, gained sponsors from Virgin trains and got free last minute flights from airport managers!

Think outside the box, you will be amazed at how generous individuals can be when you are doing something for a good cause!

What are you raising money for? Funds raised by every team will go to two amazing projects; Blankets 4 Bolivia and MIMBA. Blankets 4 Bolivia makes emergency blankets from recycled crisp packets. MIMBA tackles maternal and neonatal health in Uganda, ensuring women and newborns remain healthy during pregnancy and childbirth.

There is a minimum sponsorship value of £100 to participate in Jailbreak (it is a lot easier than you think to raise the funds).

Enactus Sheffield is a student led social enterprise organisation which develops and maintains these incredible projects. There is more information on these projects in the sidebar!